Career options for women


Vijay Garg
Today, women and men are walking hand-in-hand in every sphere of life. They world no longer have boundaries bordered by four walls. The advent of modern technology along-with proper education and communication has given sufficient space to every woman to live her aspiration and dreams like never before. So, if you are one among those women who want to pursue her dream and aspire to become next corporate leader, here’s your chance to do so. Here, I am presenting an exhaustive list of career options that may suit you according to your passion, talent and skills:
Air Hostess
This is not only a glamorous but also a promising career option that has popular among Indian women. If you love talking to others and have good communication skills along-with a charming personality, this profession is made for you. Being an Air Hostess, you will be able to visit different places and countries, enjoy living in hotels and experience the joy of talking of new people every single day. Nevertheless, if you are looking forward to work in this profession, be ready to work hard with 100 per cent commitment, dedication and courage.
Smart and confident girls with pleasing and polite personality make it to the level in the profession of Air Hostess. Along-with these traits, the blend of excellent communication skills and good sense of humour is also demanded in this profession. Expertise in at-least one foreign language is preferred in this profession; however, it is not mandatory.
There are many institutions that impart training and degree course. A few renowned names are listed below. There are many educational institutes in India that offer Air Hostess training to students.
After successful completion of Air Hostess, candidates can find jobs in Public and Private Airlines such as Air India, Indigo, British Airways, etc.
Advertising has emerged as one of the vibrant and glamorous field of profession, which guarantees loads of fun and creativity on one hand and fame and recognition on the other hand. In this profession, you must be able to build awareness about what’s going around you, and then engage target audience with captivating Advts. The Advertising career demands all-round creativity, understanding of user behaviour and branding skills.
To build a successful career in Advertising, you need to very good imaginative and visualization skills along-with a patient and calm temperament. You should also have the ability to work under pressure and tight deadlines to progress in this field. Command over language, ability to work with a team and organization skills are also needed to work and excel in this profession.
After completing you study in Advertising, you can find jobs in Ad Agencies, Radio Channels, Media Houses, E-Commerce Stores, FMCG companies and PR agencies. The popularity of Advertising in terms of product promotion and branding is increasing day-by-day, and organizations are continuously looking for professionals from the field of Client Servicing, Account Management, Public Relations, Sales Promotion, Art Direction and Copy Writing.
Fashion Designing
The rise in economic development and modern values has impacted our lifestyles. Today, everyone wants to carry a sophisticated lifestyle in terms of apparels, food, travel, education and relationship. Seeing this trend, Fashion Designing has emerged as the hottest career option for some time now. Every second person on earth wants to dress in a glamorous and attractive way, and due to this fashion designers are now in huge demand. Fashion has become an integral part of everyone’s life in this modern society. Therefore, you are bound to grow and take your career to new heights in this profession.
To join this profession, you should be highly imaginative and must possess exceptional visualization capabilities along-with an artistic view point for blending fabrics, colours and style to weave the best masterpiece. Moreover, you should be ready to face challenges and competition in this field, and must keep yourself updated with recent fashion trends and user’s fashion taste.
If you are artistic and have great fashion sense, then sky is the limit for you in this profession. A skilful and talented fashion designer can find job in apparel companies, export houses and raw material industry as a stylist or designer. The best thing about this profession is that you can open your own fashion boutique after gaining few years of work experience. Visual merchandizing, costume designing and fashion writing are other career options for a fashion designing graduate.
Journalism and Mass Communication
Well, you must be familiar with famous news journalists like Anjana Om Kashayp and Barkha Dutt. And, if you aspire to become like them, a course in Journalism and Mass Communication will be the right thing to do. The profession of journalism and mass communication is challenging and adventurous and more & more woman are joining this profession as it promises job satisfaction and fame on the same hand. The rise of digital media has made the scope of mass communication and journalism even more broad where job roles in the form of reporters, copy writers, producers, anchors, experts and columnists are in high demand.
To excel in this profession, you need to have exceptional written and verbal communication skills. Along-with this, you should be carry a pleasant and confident personality, and should be able to face the camera with smartness. You reporting should be unbiased and you must learn hold absolutely no opinions based on political influence. In addition, mass communication candidates must be able to take and air any story after doing thorough and extensive research on the respective topic.
Various Newspapers, News agencies, Magazines, Web sites, government and private TV channels employ journalist form reporting, editing and copy writing. Apart from this, international papers and news channels offers a large number of vacancies. Opportunities are also available in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.
Mass Communication Graduates can find employment in various Newspapers, Magazines, News Agencies, News Websites, Government and Private News Channels, and Radio stations. Other than this, International news papers and news channels offer a large number of vacancies. The positions are available for the profiles of reporting, editing, production, anchoring, copy writing, script writing and video shoots.