BMS commemorates birth anniversary of Savitribai Phule



JAMMU: Bhagat Mahasabha (BMS) Jammu and Kashmir unit organised Samaan Divas on the birthday of first female teacher of India Savitribai Phule.
The programme attended by hundreds of peoples at Prem Resort Muthi, here.
The Chief Guest, Prof. Raj Kumar Bhagat National President Bhagat Mahasabha along with J&K body of Sabha members started the function by garlanding the portrait of Savitribai Phule.
Mahinder Bhagat, J&K president addressed the gathering and said Savitribai Phule was born on January 3, 1831 in the village of Naigaon in Satara Distt of Maharashtra.
At the time of her marriage Savitribai was an illiterate. Jyotirao her husband educated her at their home. She understood the pain of females facing at that time and opened first school for girls.
Pawan Bhagat chairman said she was not only educationist but also a social reformer.
Jai Bhagat advisor enriched the gathering that she played an important and vital role in improving women’s rights in India.
Prof. Raj Kumar Bhagat said on the occasion that she dedicated her life for social reform, eradicate the discrimination with the females.
Unfortunately, Savitribai and Jyotirao Phule’s success came with much resistance from the local community with conservative views. She often travelled to her school carrying an extra sari because she would be assailed by her conservative opposition with stones, dung, and verbal abuse.
Indu Bhagat, daughter of Sansar Chand Bhagat unanimously elected as Mehila Wing Youth President of Marh block.
Other present on the occasion were Bodh Raj Bhagat National Vice President, Roshan Lal Bhagat coordinator Punjab, Tersam Bhagat, Vivak Bhagat, Sunesh Bhagat, Sudesh Bhagat, Naresh Bhagat, Sansar Chand Bhagat, K K Darora, Sita Ram Bhagat and Darshan Lal Bhagat.


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