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BJP will complete election hat-trick in J&K following victories in Hyd, Raj: Thakur


JAMMU: Union Minister of State for Finance and Corporate Affairs, in-charge of Jammu and Kashmir DDC elections, Anurag Singh Thakur, on Wednesday, “BJP will complete its election victory hat-trick in J&K also, following its success in Hyderabad and Rajasthan.” Thakur said, “The people of J&K and India are with the BJP, they believe in the reformist and development oriented agenda of PM Narendra Modi. Whether its state elections or Municipal elections or Panchayat elections, time and again people have reposed their faith in the leadership provided by BJP. The BJP has emerged as the largest political party in the world because it knows the heartbeat of India and delivers on its promises. The party believes in proactive measures that not only touch but also transform lives and create livelihoods for every citizen. We do not do part time politics, we are devoted to the socio-economic welfare of the people in J&K. We are here for the long run, shoulder to shoulder to make this region amongst the most developed and world class in India.”
“In the recently concluded Hyderabad Municipal polls we won 48 seats this time in comparison to 4 in 2016. In the state of Rajasthan, the BJP won 1,989 seats out of 4,371 Panchayat Samiti seats. The incumbent Congress received 1,852 seats, this shows a clear lack of trust for the party at its activities. In fact in the Zila Parishad elections, the BJP won 353 seats in comparison to the Congress 252 seats. In the by-elections of UP, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh swell we saw how people reposed their faith in BJP. This clearly shows a strong wave of support in favour of the BJP at all levels of the democratic system. BJP fights elections with all the energy of its karyakartas and supporters. We win because we serve the interest of people not like the selfish interests of Gupkar Gang leaders,” Thakur said.
He said, “Its a fact that the Gupkar Gang looted the state of its resources, it is also a fact their neglected basic healthcare, education, infrastructure, employment needs of J&K. There is dejection amongst the Karyakartas of PDP, INC and NC as they know the people will reject them once and for all on 22nd Dec. The people of J&K are ready to vote for a development oriented vision under PM Narendra Modi and J&K will be the hattrick in the victory.”



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