BJP thriving on gossip & innuendo: Harsh



CHENANI: Accusing the BJP of having failed and floundered in honouring its commitments with the people of J&K ever since its ascendance to power, Harsh Dev Singh, former Minister and senior AAP leader said that the saffron party was thriving merely on empty rhetoric and false propaganda.
“It had proved to be a party of ‘Jumlas’ with a complete mismatch between its promises and delivery. The BJP leadership exploited the gullibility of the innocent voters during all elections held in the past eight years without delivering anything on the ground”.
He was addressing public meetings in Ghantwal, Kalori, Chambha and Puchot villages of Chenani constituency during his two days tour.
Urging upon the people to recognize the real face of BJP behind its deceptive facades, Harsh said that it was coming out with new slogans during each elections only to conceal its past failures and to enkindling new hopes amongst the poor indigent and deprived masses only to fulfil its political ambitions. He said that the innocence of poor hapless people was once again exploited during the last DDC elections when several central BJP leaders indulged in boisterous extravaganza promising moon to the people. Not only that, they made tall promises of early restoration of statehood, immediate Assembly elections, review of toll plazas, employment packages for the educated youth and so on and so forth, said Singh.
He lamented that the people fell prey to such declamatory and bombastic talks of the ‘Jumle baaz’ leaders who only specialized in emotional mobilization and showmanship. He urged upon the people to wake up to the falsehood and innuendo of BJP which has been tailoring its slogans with the sole aim of capturing power.
Going all gun blazing against the BJP, Singh said that it had cheated the people in the past four elections of Assembly, Parliament BDC and DDC through its false narrative. Not only that it had exploited the religious sentiments of the people to gain power Singh adding that such kind of divisive politics was not in tune with our pluralistic ethos.
He said that AAP believed in secular values and would strongly oppose all fascist, bigoted political forces in the overall interest of the society and nation. The BJP had scripted a political narrative of falsehood and polarization which needed disapproval from saner elements of society.
Pointing towards the local issues of the area, Singh called for opening of adequate number of ration depots in the remote areas so as to facilitate the delivery of civil supplies to the people in their native villages.
He regretted that several Panchayats of Chenani including Kither, Chirdi, Ladha, Chapper etc did not have any ration depot as a result of which the eligible BPL families had to travel 8-10 kms on foot to collect their subsidized ration thereby defeating the very purpose of the scheme.
He called for timely release of instalments under PM’s Awas Yojana which had been delayed for years in several cases. He called for early payment of compensation for lands and structures acquired from farmers for construction of PMGSY roads namely Ghantwal road, Chirdi Ladha road, Naugalta-Rajar road; Tandhar-Charat road, Satyalta and Pakhlai roads.