BJP leaders worked like domestic servants of Mehbooba during coalition rule: Harsh Dev



JAMMU: Amused over all the ‘Jangle and rattle’ created by the BJP over the Foundation day of NPP being attended by leaders of NC and Congress, Harsh Dev Singh, Chairman-JKNPP and former Minster advised the saffron brigade to do some soul searching and self introspection before casting aspersions on others.
“Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others. It’s a case of Kettle calling the pot black”, observed Singh.
While the NPP brought different political parties on one stage to pay homage to national heroes including Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru and Sukhdev on martyr’s day, the BJP was left unnerved and alarmed. What has irked it most is the coming together of opposition parties on common platform. And as the BJP has nothing else to counter the rising graph of Panthers Party, its roly poly motor mouthed dunderheads have intrusively started making absurd statements out of sheer frustration. The BJP’s desperation however has unmistakeably proved one thing very cogently that NPP has emerged as a force to reckon with”, asserted Singh. He was addressing a press conference in Jammu today. Calling upon the BJP leaders to give a peep into their own conscience, Singh said that they would never be able to cover up their stinking past and other shady political misdoings that had caused immense disappointment amongst their own rank and life and which deserved not mere condemnation but mourning as well. Having lured the gullible masses by their seductive slogans of demolishing the PDP during 2014 elections, the BJP shamelessly surrendered before Kashmir centric and the so called “anti-national party” for seeking the role of junior partner in the govt. And after the death of Mufti Sayeed, the BJP literally begged before Mehbooba Mufti to take over the reins of power so that its leaders could also enjoy the fruits of power. And once Mehbooba assumed the office of CM, the BJP legislators and Ministers acted as her domestic servants making one compromises after the other to keep her in good humour deliriously oblivious of the sentiment of Jammu region which voted it to power. Not only were the issues of Jammu Jettisoned for crumbs of power, but the BJP leaders abandoned all their avowed fundamentals in their over zealousness to please Mehbooba and to promote her political agenda at the cost of their own political philosophy. Around 11,000 stone-pelters, who were earlier dubbed as anti-nationals by BJP, were not only released during saffron rule but policies for their rehabilitation were announced with great fan fare. FIRs were lodged against Army and other para-military personnel. The anti-nationals and militants were described as ‘brothers’ and ‘martyrs’ by a govt in which BJP was a partner. Unilateral ceasefire was announced to placate the anti nationals merely for political gains. Pro Pak slogans were raised in the Assembly with BJP acquiescing in the act as no action whatsoever was taken against such anti national utterances that happened right under the nose of entire BJP leadership. And as per recent news, the APHC and anti nationals were being funded by the Mehbooba govt in which BJP was a partner with NIA and other investigating agencies having booked waheed parra, the close aide of the then head of the govt”, rued Singh.
Singh said that the BJP leaders who are now criticizing NPP for having shared stage with NC must remember that they are still running a coalition in Kargil with NC with the BJP performing the role of junior partner in the Hill Development Council.
Parshotam Parihar (State Secretary-JKNPP), Surinder Chouhan (District President Jammu Rural) and Gurdeep Singh (Youth Secretary Jammu Rural) were also present in the press conference.