BJP has no right to exploit religious, regional sentiments of Jammuites: Congress



JAMMU: BJP has no right to exploit the religious and regional sentiments of Jammu people on the slogan of Chief Minister from Jammu, as it had surrendered the same to PDP and had failed to bargain even for half of the tenure with equal number of MLAs and had also offered support to the Leader of two MLAs party of Kashmir.
Reacting to repeated statements of top BJP leaders , Senior Congress leader and Member AICC, Ravinder Sharma on Saturday said that the party which failed to secure a half time tenure of Chief Minister with huge mandate form Jammu, first time to any party, by rousing the regional and religious sentiments, has no right to talk about this again. Not only this, the people of Jammu have not forgotten that BJP had even extended support to a two MLAs party of Kashmir for Chief Ministership but the” fax fiasco” of the Raj Bhavan led to hurried dissolution of the assembly by then Governor Satya Pal Malik.
Does this BJP has the courage and creditability to talk about Chief Ministership from Jammu, when it twice dishonored and insulted the historical mandate of Jammu secured by it on these slogans and falsehood, he said.
Even today it is the people of Jammu who are feeling the pain of being deprived of right to get fair governance, as things have gone worst under the UT administration and an arrogant administrative regime respects and responds none, he added.
The ruling party has nothing to do with the day today hardships faced by the people as it is always in the electoral preparations for securing power by all might and means, he said adding that the top bureaucracy has nothing to bother while the lower rung machinery has been either won over or terrorised in the name of the transfers, to oblige only ruling party workers.
The common man suffers but have no hopes from ruling party leaders in Jammu and Kashmir. In such a situation the BJP is trying to woo Jammuites on the slogan of Chief Minister from Jammu region suggesting it to be from the majority in Jammu region but no one would believe such a bluff of BJP which not once but twice failed Jammu on the issue of rightful claim of Chief Ministeship and also then and now, every day subjecting Jammu to discriminations, embarrassments and harassments on various fronts.
“Once bitten twice shy”, the same applies here as people of Jammu would think twice before voting for a power hungry BJP leaders ,who compromised and bartered the interests of Jammu region for the sake of enjoying power and would do so in future ‘too, as is evident from the day in day out political moves of combinations and permutations by their central leadership, he added.
The people of Jammu region are the worst sufferers and at the receiving end in the present situation, although everyone realises the loss and pain of disbanding and downgrading of the historical state which is an unpardonable action of BJP government and the people are fed up with the policies of the BJP government, he said.