BJP Govt profiteering at expense of people facing economic slowdown: Bhalla



HIRANAGAR: Congress leaders as a part of nationwide protests against hike in petroleum products of party on Friday continued protest at Chann Khatterian.
The protest was led by former Minister and senior Congress leader Raman Bhalla and former MLC Thakur Balbir Singh. The event was organized by former MoS GL Chalotra & Ex MLA Hiranagar. Prominent among those present on the occasion include Councilor Ramesh Verma ,Sarpanchs Vinay Sharma, Vishal Khajuria , Pankaj Dogra , Joginder Singh beside others.
Speaking on the occasion, Bhalla criticized the government over the fuel price hike. He said BJP government has embarked upon merciless destruction of people’s livelihood which have already been severely assaulted both by the pandemic and the unplanned, unilaterally announced and totally mismanaged policies and programmes in J&K.
He accused the government of deliberately increasing petrol and diesel price every day. He demanded that the central government to sharply reduce its excise duties, on petroleum products, which are amongst the highest in the world today, and provide relief to the people.
Former Minister said the Modi government has completely failed in keeping its promises to the people of India. The need of the hour is for different parties to set aside their differences and come together. “Time has come to change this government. He said it is necessary to make the government understand that they have completely failed to serve the nation. Congress leader said that on one hand government was increasing taxes as well as prices of petroleum products and gas that made life of the low income group miserable.
He said that unemployment was increasing but government failed to devise an effective economic plan for solution of the core issues.
Former Minister claimed that from bullock cart and rallies to Congress leaders riding bicycles and promoting social media hastags, the Congress organizing protests across India against the fuel price hikes in the last three months, saying it was hurting the poor and the middle-class adversely. The government has claimed that the fuel prices have risen because of increase in international crude prices but he said that the Centre has artificially kept the prices high by not lowering the special excise duty imposed when the international crude prices fell last year.
The country’s GDP has hit the bottom. It is the lowest in 7 years and unemployment is on the rise. Still, fuel prices have been increased,” said Bhalla.


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