BJP Govt insensitive towards fast rising prices: Sadhotra



JAMMU: BJP government is insensitive towards most sensitive issue of fast rising prices, alleged Ajay Kumar Sadhotra, Senior National Conference leader and former Minister while addressing public meeting at Chakrali remotest Border Village in Marh, here on Tuesday.
Sadhotra said this fastest unprecedented rise in prices has disturbed the budget of common man.
“It is unfortunate that BJP in 2014 Parliament elections was making tall claim to check and reduce the prices, if it come to power now after coming to power tall claims proved to be hollow slogans of BJP as usual and prices of daily use are sky rocketing.” he said. It is sad and sorry state of affair that BJP Government is defending rise in prices.
He further said farming was already costlier but with unprecedented rise in the petroleum products Kisan is also badly hit and farming has further become costlier.
Sadhotra said every Indian is committed to Rashtriyabad but it is sad and unfortunate that BJP Govt under the garb of Rasthtriyabad is covering up its biggest failure to check and reduce prices, which has made the life of common Indian miserable.
National Conference Leader has asked the Govt to take all effective measures to check and reduce fast rise in prices so that common man could be brought out from this difficult & miserable situation.
Others who spoke on the occasion include Choudhary Keemat Lal, Choudhary Nagar Mal, Rakesh Kumar Sharma, Jagatar Singh, Babu Ram, Kaki Ram, Ghar Singh, Pritam Lal, Balki Ram, Balkar Singh, Vicky Panch, Nikka Ram and Arjun Kumar Sharma.
Sadhotra welcomed the new entrants in the National Conference namely Sukar Lal, Ghara Ram, Sikander Lal, Sunil Kumar, Ram Saran, Arjun Kumar and Dev Raj.


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