BJP Govt failed to reach out to aggrieved people for addressing their concerns: Bhalla



VIJAYPUR: Former Minister and senior Congress leader Raman Bhalla on Sunday said Congress neither had made any compromise on secularism for the sake of power nor would do so in future, as it was in the country’s interests.
He said the Congress was not like the BJP which, he alleged, compromised on secularism for the sake of attaining power.
To keep the country integral and united, the Constitution refers to secularism and this ideology is in the interest of the nation,” he said while addressing public gathering at Swankha in Vijaypur.
The programme was organized by Sarpanch Tirth Singh and also addressed by Sanjeev Sharma PCC Secretary, Swaran Chairma Ex Servicemen Cell, Babal Gupta, Dharam Chand, Manohar Lal Bhagat, Darshan Lal Sharma, Gurdass, Baburam, Rashpal Choudhary, Bushan Choudhary, Sain Dass Bhagat besides others.
Targeting the BJP, Bhalla said the Congress never compromised on its ideals and ideology to attain power unlike the BJP. He said instead of discussing failure in providing jobs, depriving the youth and businessmen of 4G mobile internet services for over a year, snatching land rights and statehood, BJP only thumping its chest over imaginary development in J&K.
“Instead of addressing the real issues, BJP’s leaders are indulging in vilification campaign against opponents, ignoring the fundamental fact that participation of all mainstream forces is a direct answer to Pakistan and the gun culture sponsored by it. Such utterances of the top ruling party leaders are highly irresponsible and create hatred and division in the society,” said Bhalla.
Bhalla blamed the BJP for its total failure to address the genuine problems of the people. He took stock of the problems of people being aggravated by the Govt at the behest of ruling BJP, by series of anti-people and anti-youth decisions. The Govt at the Centre and UT administration is choosing the opportunity to take certain decisions against the wishes and aspirations and interests of the general people, taking advantage of the situation on account of Covid crisis, forcing the people to protest and come on roads.


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