BJP demands filling of all vacancies in Public Service Commission



JAMMU: Jammu & Kashmir Bharatiya Janata Party has demanded that all the existing vacancies in Public Service Commission be filled up immediately. While noting that most of the members of the commission had retired and presently the Public Service Commission is working with negligible strength.
In the press release Chief Spokesperson of Jammu and Kashmir Bharatiya Janata Party Sunil Sethi has demanded that there is immediate requirement of filling of all the vacancies of Public Service Commission including appointment of permanent Chairman of Public Service Commissionas Commission is involved in very important assignment of making selections to Gazetted Services Cadre .
He further said that Public Service Commission is also involved in promotion /regularisation in Gazetted cadre and there is rather acute requirement of increasing the strength of members of the Public Service Commission to sufficient numbers so that the appointments and promotion in the Gazetted Cadre is well managed.
The system of appointments to the Gazetted cadre including to the JKAS is suffering because of the curtailed strength to Public Service Commission.
While appreciating the role of the Public Service Commission in making all efforts within its limited resources in view of its depleted strength, Chief Spokesperson demanded from the government that Public Service Commission working in full strength ,which should be increased as per the present requirement, will insure justice to not only the unemployed youth but to Gazetted officers whose promotion and regularization is pending for long.