BJP always took Jammu for granted: Harsh



Majalta: “While Ladakh and Kashmir have continued to receive the focussed attention of the BJP regime, the incarcerated Dogra land continues to suffer and bleed even post Art 370 abrogation. The centre is holding parleys with Ladakhis on regular intervals so as to confer them the benefits of sixth schedule besides assuring enactment of suitable laws to safeguard their culture and identity, the Kashmir region too has received unmitigated attention of the New Delhi rulers. If any region of the erstwhile state has suffered even after the re-organization process, it is Jammu region which continues to be taken for granted by the BJP”. This was stated by Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and former Minister while addressing public meetings in villages Jansal and Jagwal in Majalta Tehsil of Ramnagar constituency.
Alleging the dis-regard of Jammu region even in the recent Budget, Singh said that the major development and tourism related projects of Jammu region had once again been ignored. There was hardly any mention about the Artificial Tawi Lake project, Jumbo Zoo project, development of border tourism besides promotion of major tourist destinations in Sudh Mahadev, Man Talai, Patnitop-Sanasar, Dudu Basantgarh, Bani and Lohai Malhar areas having tremendous potential. There was nothing for unemployed youth who were languishing on roads seeking gainful employment. The condition of rural areas in particular was pathetic with people clamouring day in and day out for better civic amenities with the Govt having failed to respond to their genuine concerns. And whereas Jammu continued to contribute a major part of states tax revenue, it continued to be ignored in terms of development, funds allocation and employment, regretted Mr. Singh.
While Jammu has all along been supporting all moves of the centre even at the cost of its own interests, the latter has always failed to reciprocate appropriately, said Singh. “People of Jammu are used for vote bank politics with hardly any regard for their sentiments. The centre has all along been focused on Kashmir with Jammu made to play a second fiddle. And the tradition continues even after Article 370 abrogation. The latest five months have not seen any change in the centre’s policy towards J&K except that it has been converted into a Union Territory. Kashmir still continues to be pampered by the Union govt with central teams making announcements of a “Naya Kashmir” without offering anything to satisfy the urges of Dogra land that gave massive mandate to it. Not only our development has been hostaged but our self respect has been dented which has hurt the people most” asserted Mr. Singh.
Accusing the BJP of indulging in politics of deceit and treachery, Mr. Singh said that it seemed to be living under the mistaken belief that people of Jammu are naive and that it is indispensable. “The pot of BJP’s sins is full to the brim. The Dogras can forget and forgive anything but not the insult to their honour. The denial of holiday on September 23rd would deliver the last nail in the coffin of the power intoxicated BJP” asserted Mr. Singh.
Prominent among those who spoke on the occasion included Manju Singh, Capt. Dina Nath (Chairman BDC Majalta), Dharam Singh Bittu, Nar Singh, Rahul Sharma, Raj Kumar, Om Parkash, Kulbhushan besides others.