BJP always keen to deliver its promises: Kavinder



JAMMU: Citing number of promises which the BJP has fulfilled after coming to power, former Deputy Chief Minister, Kavinder Gupta said that his party always keeps promises and is eager to deliver more in the coming time.
In a statement issued here on Friday, the senior party functionary said that the bold step of abrogating Articles 370 and 35A is the testimony to the fact that BJP delivers what it promises. “No other party had guts or will to take this utmost necessary step which made integration of J&K with India complete in all respects”, he said, adding that development of world class and restoration of peace are the second and third steps in the offing which BJP Government is keen to tread in J&K and already much has been done in this direction.
Kavinder categorically stated that BJP is not a family based political party rather it is common masses based political outfit which always worked to deliver its promises. “Through support and encouragement of people BJP has become the largest political party in the world and everyone is well aware of India’s growing stature in the international arena under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s stout leadership”, he said while asserting that BJP is a party which executes everything it promised unlike Congress and other political parties which encourage dynastic or family politics.
“People are well aware of visible changes in J&K under BJP-led Government however things could be accelerated by giving exclusive majority to BJP in the UT also to further reach out and serve the people fully”, he said, adding that whooping funds pumped in for realizing new industrial policy in J&K will help in ushering new era of development and tackling joblessness with complete efficacy.
Referring to AIIMS, IIT, General Bus Stand Parking Complex, Cable Car Project, etc, Kavinder said that under the realms of PM Modi, development projects have started mushrooming and one can witness this across the length and breadth of J&K.
“By now, every person in J&K has got the firm idea that BJP means business here and will complete its task of restoring pristine glory of this region which was comprised of brotherhood, communal harmony and a distinct way of life in which peace was the main constituent”, he said, adding that it is now matter of days that the country and for that matter whole of the world will find that the sheen which J&K had lost is back and renowned hospitality is calling people to visit the place to cherish and relish its matchless splendor.