Bhalla cautions party workers about challenges of time


Congress celebrates 137th Foundation Day


JAMMU: PCC Working President Raman Bhalla has urged the party leaders and workers to unite in fighting dictatorship and protecting the country’s democracy, Constitution and the countrymen. Cautioning the party workers about the challenges of the time before the nation, Bhalla said that Congress Party has to play a bigger role to foster brotherhood and unity amongst the people of different faiths and religions in view of certain political opportunists forces creating hatred and division in the society, which is detrimental to the unity and integrity of our country.
Bhalla was speaking in the function to celebrate the 137th Foundation Day of the Congress party at PCC headquarters, Shaheedi Chowk, here. Bhalla also hoisted the party flag in the presence of senior leaders and large number of party workers.
The function was organized by Congress Seva Dal led by its Chief Shri Vijay Sharma in coordination with PCC and DCC Jammu Urban. The traditional salute and the National Anthem was sung by all Congress leaders and workers present on the occasion including Corporators, functionaries of PCC, DCC, Block and Frontal Wings like Youth Congress, NSUI, prominent among them include Chief Spokesperson Ravinder Sharma; General Secretaries PCC Yogesh Sawhney Incharge DCC Jammu Urban, Th. Manmohan Singh, Shahnawaj Choudhary, Kuldeep Raj Verma, Uday Bhanu Chib and others.
“But Congressmen have not fallen behind in achieving their goals of getting India’s freedom and in the service of the country, despite taking lathis, going to jail and giving their supreme sacrifices,” he said, adding that the grand old party has helped lay the country’s strong foundations. “Congress party will rise to every occasion when there is a challenge to the Constitution of India and any effort to derail the country from its path of progress amidst unemployment and fall of economic gloom,” Bhalla said. “Today, once again the circumstances are similar to those existing before independence. The rights of people are being crushed, there is dictatorship everywhere, democratic and constitutional institutions are being finished. Unemployment is at its peak, farms and fields are being attacked. In such circumstances, it is our responsibility to save the country from such dictatorship and fight it. This is true patriotism,” Bhalla said. He marked the occasion by highlighting his party’s pledge for “truth and equality” and said that “Congress has been committed from the beginning to raise the voice of the nation”. On Congress Foundation Day let us celebrate & acknowledge the selfless service & contributions of millions of Congress workers, men & women, who have helped build & sustain the Congress party over the ages. We owe these unsung heroes our gratitude & respect, observed Bhalla. He referred to the historical role of the Congress party, said that it is the sole party which is a unifying force and can ensure equitable development and balanced treatment to all three regions of the state and meet the challenge posed by the communal and divisive forces.
He said that the Congress party shall continue its struggle for early restoration of statehood and democracy in Jammu and Kashmir and to safeguard the right to lands and jobs for the youth. He appealed to the party workers to expose the false and malicious propaganda of the opposition parties and strengthen the Congress party for the better future of youths.