Benefits of reading books for children


Dear Editor,
Today everything has gone digital. From bank to studies, everything has been reduced to one phone. Technology has its advantages, but it also has disadvantages. Due to this, the habit of reading books in children is almost ending. Children are spending most of their time in online games or classes. In such a situation, their language, understanding of pronunciation and knowledge of words are becoming limited, which is not right for them. Also, not only do we get information and knowledge from books. Reading books also develops patience, thinking ability, handwriting and memory power in the child. With this, the child also learns to make and write stories on his own. Reading books increases concentration in children and also helps them to sleep well. So as a parent you should develop the habit of reading books in your child. For this, you can adopt these easy measures and can also make the child aware to read the book. The first school for a child is his home and the first teacher is his parents. If you read books, your children will also follow this. They will also be interested in reading the book. Therefore, create an environment for reading and writing in your home. If you read books on your bed instead of mobile phone, then the child gradually learns the same habits. He also gets interested in books. However, you should allow your children to read books according to age so that they feel comfortable in it.
The simplest way to make your child aware of reading books is to tell them new stories and also to tell some interesting stories from Gita-Ramayana so that the child gets excited about reading the book. For example, when you tell the story of a rabbit and a tortoise to your child, keep the book open in front of them so that they can make a habit of reading the book through the pictures. Apart from this, always ask them to tell the story. With the help of this, children remember anything for a long time.
Sometimes we put extra pressure on children to read the book. Instead of doing this, read a book with your child. This will also make them feel like reading and will create enthusiasm for books in them. If you read a story with him on one day, then the next day he himself brings a book that he starts reading the other story. With the help of this activity, you spend more time with your child. He also enjoys reading books. Teach the children to sit together, and then ask them to read a small chapter or paragraph every day. This develops the habit of reading books on their own. Also, ask them to tell that story while sleeping. This will enable him to speak his point better. Apart from this, the child will also have the ability to choose words, the style of speaking and the way of communication. To inculcate the habit of reading books in your child, you must take them to the library. Library is a place where a child can read his favorite book. You can also read a book in the library for some time and ask the child to read his favorite book. By reading books, he is able to express himself better in front of others.

Vijay Garg.