Be proud of Mother Tongue


Dear Editor,
While I was studying at a school in Badani, a classmate of mine said that she did not know Dogri. Everyone standing with her was shocked, as it was really very strange that despite being born and brought-up in Jammu, she couldn’t speak her mother tongue. Though people coming to Badani from other states may face the language problem, as they usually converse in their own mother tongues or use Hindi to talk with local people but I personally feel that being from Jammu one should definitely know Dogri. This is applicable not only to one state but to all other states in India. At the same time, we all should be fluent in Hindi as it is the official language of India.
We are recognised by the language we speak and so should be proud of this. We must learn our mother tongue and give it the respect it deserves. A Mother tongue (or first language is a language which makes us feel comfortable and keeps us at ease. You can express your profound emotions correctly by speaking and communicating in your own language.
But today’s young generation is leaving all these behind and that is why some of them are getting off track and are usually seen saying I can’t speak Dogri. Without knowing the consequences, there is a mass imitation to follow Western culture. Though Western culture or any other culture for that matter is not bad, but at least we should differentiate between right and wrong for ourselves and for our society and keep the one which is right. Converse in English wherever required, as there are no constraints on your learning, growth and prosperity but never neglect your own identity.Real values of any culture can only be conserved if there is a respect for Mother Tongue and heritage. Once these values are conserved, we will be more close to our traditions and it will keep us away from committing worldly sins.
Kanchan Sharma, Badani,


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