Baru ensures early resolution of water crisis in Ward 41



JAMMU: Sanjay Kumar Baru, Councilor, Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) ensured the residents from Wazir Lane, Ward No. 41 of Talab Tillo area for the early solution of water crisis in their locality.
Baru was told that the water supply crisis in the Wazir Lane occurs time and again. Taking note of the problem, he said that the issue will be resolved for once with the proper solution. He said that the Jal Shakti Vibhaag is running an Abhiyan to ensure water supply to every home in a short span of time.
He mentioned that around 5200 crore rupees have already been allocated to the Union territory of Jammu & Kashmir in the recent budget for the same.
Baru said that main reason for the irregular supply is the lack of coordination between various departments PHE mechanical, maintenance and the electrical wing, but he said that with the 74th amendment there will be improved coordination in between these departments as the domain of some of these is being given under the JMC onwards. He ensured that soon the issue will be resolved to the satisfaction of the local residents.
Earlier, the local residents of Wazir Lane gathered near the tubewell to show their resentment on the issue, but after being pacified by the local Baru, they were satisfied and dispersed peacefully.
On the occasion, Sanjay Kumar Baru also inspected the Nallah of Durga Nagar, Talab Tillo for the required Desilting Work.