Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah shrine, a blessing for all


Sunaina Malik

No doubt that our galaxy along with million of other galaxies of this vast stretched universe are the faces of God’s miracle. Origin of life whether, it may be unicellular amoeba or multicellular human being, it may be a microscopic spyrogyra or a big strong fruited tree, it may be a bacteria or Dynasore etc. All these have been reciting the God’s miracle since the very inception of this gigantic and diversified cosmos. As we all know that till now, science is unable to elucidate the advent of first organism of every living species on planet. Darwin came up with a very hypothetical theory of evolution of life from unicellular to multicellular. If it is so then new men should also be evolved from monkeys, now, somewhere in some part of the world but we all know that nothing has happened so far. We have an unending list of God’s miracles. Moving of Sun, Moon, Earth along with other heavenly bodies, is only a God’s work. Combining of only oxygen with blood when other gases also go inside our lungs, is only a God’s work. Movement of pollen grains from male flower to female flower, when they at a distance from each other, is only God’s work. Air cannot be seen but we presume it between us, it is also a God’s miracle. Similarly God has also selected some of His beloved people and granted them spiritual powers for the betterment of whole humanity. One such auspicious soul is Hasarat Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah Life history of Hazarat Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah; As per a book written by Administrator Auqaf Board Shadara Sharief Ghulam Mohammed Dar, Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah was born in a small village Mosuma Saida Kasranu, situated in Rawalpindi (Pakistan). Right from his childhood, he was a much disciplined child and had a religious bent of mind. Time passed on and that small child grew into a young man. During his adolescence, he used to graze a big flock of goats. According to book, once while grazing his goats, he lasted in God’s meditation, mean while goats destroyed the crops of a poor farmer. Farmer narrated the whole episode to Baba’s father. On enquiry, Baba apologised and promised to pay him back his loss. But before it, Baba wished that he would like to visit the field. Accordingly, everybody reached there. The poor farmer was surprised to see that crops were quite fine. This created a sort of fear in farmer’s heart and he later on apologised for his complaint against Baba. This incident proved Baba as spiritually uplifted and miraculous soul blessed from God. After this Ghulam Shah Badshsh’s Imam (religious preacher) suggested his father that time has come to send Baba for the purpose, for which God has send him on earth. The purpose was to establish a shrine in the uphill of Shahdra Shrief and to spread the message of God. The book further reveals that Baba started his journey from Rawalpindi. He was accompanied by some of his followers. After crossing area of Poonch, Baba stayed for some time in Lasana area of district Poonch near river of Dhandok. Records further show that Baba also got religious education from a person of this area named Sain Miyan Mesri. Within a very short span of time, miraculous stories of Baba spread everywhere and people started paying visit to auspicious personality of Baba with an intent of getting blessings. It is said that once that area witnessed a very horrible and devastating flood in the river nearby. People got afraid that flood might have taken Baba’s life, but to every one’s surprise, they found Baba sitting near his fire place with a pot of boiling milk over it. It seemed that flood has not even touched Baba’s house. It was the time when Rustam Khan was the Maharaja of Poonch. He conspired killing of his cousin Aya Khan, under the apprehension of losing his kingship at the hand of Aya Khan. This killing made Baba very angry over king. He decided to leave the area of Poonch and restarted his journey towards his goal i.e., Shahdra Sharif. Before the arrival of Baba in Shahdra Sharief, this place was known as (Se Dra) in local language.
(Se, means lion and Dra, means forest). It was a forest full of lions. When Baba reached there, he ordered his followers to start cutting trees for making a place for meditation. It was the time when Karam-ula-khan was the King of Rajouri. Written records further unfold a miraculous story of Baba related to King Karam-ula-Khan. Karam-ula-Khan had two wives, one was Queen of Kashgar and second was a Rajput of Budhal area. Queen of Kashgar gave birth to four sons butking’s second wife was child-less. With a strong craving of motherhood; she arrived in the Shrine of Baba. It was Baba’s miracle that she gave birth to a son, even when she was 80 years of age. That child was Agar Khan, who later on became the King of Rajouri. It was only Hazarat Ghulam Shah Badshah’s prediction that Ghulab Singh, an ordinary soldier would become the King and sole owner of State of Jammu & Kashmir. Baba’s prediction came true when Agar Khan (King of Rajouri) revolted against Raja Ranjit Singh of Punjab. In order to crush the agitation in his kingdom, Ranjit Singh ordered his army to go and arrest Agar Khan. Accordingly a group of 150 brave soldiers was set on a mission to arrest Agar Khan. Among 150 soldiers of Ranjit Singh’s army, there was a soldier whose fate was about to change. His name was Ghulab Singh. When only 25 soldiers were left behind in Ranjit Singh’s army and army had almost failed to arrest Agar Khan, a person named (Sai Khear-Ula) came in army camp to meet Ghulab Singh with a message for him, from Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah, as Baba came in his dream last night and ordered him to deliver it to Ghulab Singh. The message was that Ghulab Singh would soon become the King of J&K. This shocked Ghulab Singh and he requested Khalifa (Sai Khear-Ula) to go back and do not disclose it to any- one. After some days when army reached at hillnamed as (Dohra Dana) in Surankote area of district Poonch. Book reveals that Baba again came in dream of Sai Khear-Ula and directed him to go again to Ghulab Singh and inform him about the exact location of Agar Khan. Accordingly Sai Khear-Ula reached Ghulab Singh and disclosed him that Agar Khan is hiding in a house of Zabardast Khan in Soi Narh area. Go and arrest him. After this you would become the king. This time Ghulab Singh promised him that if this statement came true then I would grant whole area of Shahdra Shrief to Shrine. Things happened accordingly and Ghulab Singh became the King of J&K. Fate further favoured him and he soon brought whole State from Britishers, with an amount of Rs 75 lakh. Later on, Ghulab Singh become the first Hindu king who established a Shrine of a Muslim saint and established a big example of communal harmony. Today we have a well developed infrastructure at Shahdra Shrief Shrine, providing accommodation to thousands of pilgrims at one time. Shrine also has a continuous Langar facility. Shrine is also surrounded by private hotels and restaurants. In the very first sight Shrine gives a very beautiful and auspicious look. Hundreds of poor people are employed in the Shrine. Story does not stop here, today BGSBU University can be seen as a greatest achievement of Shrine, imparting education and employment to thousands of students and job seekers respectively. Before I end, it is pertinent to mention here that visitors on Mughal Road can get the blessings of Baba by reaching Shahdra Shrief in a very short span of half an hour from Thannamandi as it is only 8 km from Thannamandi.


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