Ayushman Bharat: A gift for J&K people


Shyam Sudan
Recently Government of India has launched a very beneficial health insurance scheme, with coverage for the entire population of Jammu and Kashmir. Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha virtually inaugurated this historic scheme for the people of Jammu and Kashmir union territory.
It will give health security to every member of the family irrespective of caste or religion. No doubt health is a vital issue in the life of an individual. Especially in the old age, everybody becomes more cautious and concerned about his health. Those people who have no support in life or having little source of income become more sad in their difficult times of life. When a member from the family of poor man sufferes from a disease then his trouble become double in life. Common-man is generally not ready for such kind of unexpected troubles in life. This unexpected trouble create disturbance in the life of common masses both financially and psychologically. There is a common saying that it never rains but it pours.
It is just like an another misery for already miserable person. In our union territory Jammu and Kashmir there are a lot of such families like that of nomaids and other poor people who have no extra source of income to face with such kind of situation i.e., disease and health issues. Now a days it is very difficult to avail the benefits of costly medicines and other life saving drugs for an individual. No doubt various advanced facilities are available in our Government as well as private hospitals, but the drugs and other tests are very costly for treatment of people suffering with serious ailments and other health problems. Now under this Ayushman Bharat Health Insurance coverage everyone will get the benefit of Rs 5 lakh. Various Government and private hospital will provide the benefit to millions of patients in different health ailments under this health cover scheme. The benefit of Rs 5 lakh medical cover has a great importance in the life of a common man who has no source of income in their life.
It is very difficult to manage such a huge amount of money at the time of emergency need. Earlier this scheme was not available in Jammu and Kashmir, now after the abrogation of Artical 370 people got the gift of this scheme from centre government. Recently in Jammu and Kashmir DDC election have completed. Even during the launch of this health cover scheme Prime Minister Narendra Modi has mentioned it as an important and successful excercise. Prime Minister Narendra Modi further asserted that this scheme can change the fate of poor and downtrodden sections of society. No doubt this is unique and extraordinary scheme of its kind in the world. It covers millions of beneficiaries under its ambit. For a country whose population is in crores and people struggle hard for their two times meal, such kind of mega health coverage scheme is a miracle in itself. Many private health insurance companies are giving the benefit of health covers to its customers, but those private companies regularly take premium from their customers. In Ayushman Bharat Health insurance scheme there is no burden of any installment or premium on any beneficiary. It’s totally zero investment health insurance scheme for entire population of Jammu and Kashmir. Now all the families of Jammu and Kashmir will get the health cards for this insurance scheme ofter which they can take the benefits during the treatment of various health ailments. Even on the launch of this scheme Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha has narrated that the core agenda of Government was to bring welfare and prosperity in the life of aggrieved sections of society. The issuance of this health card to millions will definitely change the condition of poor and needy members of society. This health card not only provide health insurance but also provide security and longevity to millions of inhabitants of Jammu and Kashmir. It will act like an age old stick in their life.


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