As we know due to second wave of COVID infection entire world is suffering to great extent. The situation is further miserable in India and is deteriorating with every passing day. There is scarcity of medical equipments, oxygen and other life saving drugs in our health centres. Due to surge in positive cases, a large number of people are rushing towards hospitals, so it is very difficult to provide all facilities to everyone in a single go. Under such circumstances, even the most advanced nations of world are feeling helpless and strained. In a country like India, where the population is very large, it becomes more difficult for authorities and Government to take care of every suffering person in such crucial times. However, Government has started various initiatives to curb the menace and contain its further spread. We are running the biggest immunisation programme against the viral infection, under which people above the age of 18 years would be vaccinated against contagious virus and majority of people have already been vaccinated till date, but for that also we need a lot of doses, which would take some time to manufacture. At some places, there is provision of night curfew, mini-lockdowns and other safety measures for containing the spread of deadly virus, but it is very difficult to break the chain of the infection due to irresponsible attitude of people and casual life-style of many among us. No doubt, it would not be easy to stay idle at home without any work, as in our country people don’t have so much means of incomes, that they can sit at homes without worrying for necessary resources required for survival of their families and themselves. For this, we need to try and get out from our homes, only when it is necessary, and strictly follow all guidelines and precautions, issued by the Government and health agencies from time to time, which are mandatory to avoid this viral infection.
A lot of guidelines have been notified by Health department, including wearing mask while going out, washing hands frequently, using sanitizers, maintaining social distancing, avoiding crowded places and many more besides getting vaccinated at the earliest. Various medicines have also been prescribed the health authorities to get rid of this infection, but generally people go for self-medication of follow some other prescriptions from half-learned so-called experts, which further add to their problems. Some native practitioners keep telling their own ways to get rid from this infection, which can prove fatal for our health. The suggestion of these half learned doctors is very dangerous in this crucial hour of crisis. Such kind of prescription and self-medication can lead to various complications. These days, YouTube channels and other social media platforms are full with such types of people and their treatment, which we must avoid. This is a viral infection and we should look at it from the view point of science. It is not a disease which can be cured by exorcism techniques or by wrong remedies. Sometimes excessive treatments and too many doctors also spoil disease. We must keep in mind that only with proper immune system and appropriate medication we can get rid from this infection. Moreover our positive attitude and strong will power also plays a pivotal role in this direction. Further, different news channels are presenting the news of this pandemic in a very horrific manner. Although they are also showing the reality, but such kind of odd news can create panic and chaos among minds of people. These days all people are in their homes and continuously listening to such news all the day, which can easily impact their mental health. This type of stuff can also cause an antagonistic impact on people’s lives and their minds. We should take a break from such news. We should adopt a positive attitude and take all precautions for keeping the virus at bay. Further, we should avoid fake-doctors and their prescriptions besides relying upon the authorized doctors and their advices for curing the virus. Only by following these measures, we can victorious in the fight against this deadly virus.