With every passing hour the menace of COVID-19 is rapidly increasing in different nations of the world. Here in our country we are on its peak of second wave. Those nations who are fighting with this global problem with their sincere approach are gradually receiving a positive and favourable gesture, but those fighting with global problem with a negligent and half-hearted vision, are gradually changing into epicenter of devastation. Even in many developed and technological advanced nations of the world the condition is very vulnerable and pitiful. It was due to their careless and negligent approach. Earlier when corona was spreading in these nations they were enjoying their normal life and had shown a careless attitude towards this coming disaster. Now, they are repenting for their hollow approach and wrong attitude. These are the most advanced nations of the world in respect of their health services and medical facilities. But despite of having all the latest technologies and latest medical equipments they are suffering from this invisible killer. In our country, the condition are gradually turning into a vulnerable stage and out of control from our management. Now gradually its spread is visible in our rural areas which is a very horrific thing for all of us, because in our rural areas our health sector is not yet fully prepare for this challenge. Here we are in nation-wide lockdown like scenario. Here, in our country the medical facilities are not up to the level of those nations. Moreover due to large size of our population we are unable to give proper care to everyone in case of mass emergency like situation. However we are running the biggest immunisation programme against this viral infection. But due to scarcity of jab supply, some time span is needed for this mass immunisation. Till that, Lockdown is the only plausible solution for us. Perhaps it is the only and last measure for us to combat with this deadly virus. There is a common saying that precaution is better than cure. And we are following this rule with the cooperation of our public. But besides this we have found that few negligent and uneducated persons are not trying to understand the severity of this problem and they are playing with the life of others. These careless and uneducated people are continuously increasing the risk for others life. They put the life of other innocent citizens in danger due to their careless and wrong attitude. No doubt it becomes difficult for common man to sit inside their home without any source of income because most of the people who earn for themselves by working daily are in great numbers. But there is no other alternative for us at present moment to get rid from this infection. However government has launched many schemes of freebies for poor people of our country. Earlier due to mass migration of labourers we had seen the plight of our common people .Even now during relaxation hour we have seen a very horrific picture of mass gathering. Any type of mass gathering at different places can change the whole struggle of other people who are in their homes following the protocol of social distancing and lockdown. Committed and sincere efforts are needed on priority basis in this direction to curb this viral infection. Some stern actions must be needed from government side against such kind of defaulters and careless people. Merely soft advisories and counselling cannot change the mindset of these culprits. We must keep in mind that only precaution is the last solution for us. Because if we enter in third phase of this viral infection then we have not any proper medical facilities and accommodation to overcome from this havoc, because it is advised that in its third wave there is great danger of viral infection to our children. And as we know there is no vaccine is available yet for our children against this viral infection. Moreover, we have very less number of child specialist and other health experts in our country. Our hospitals are already overcrowded with infectious people. Health workers are continuously giving their services for the welfare of mankind day and night. But when the hospitals become overcrowded with such patients including children, then it will quite tough for these health workers to give proper caring to everyone. Moreover in absence of proper ventilator facilities, oxygen concentrators and other medical equipments our doctors cannot change the condition in our favour. As a result we have to face lot of troubles and mismanagement in coming days. Now in favourable condition and comfort zone few mindless persons are not trying to understand this fact and continuously putting the life of others in danger and risk. All the state government must take some strong actions against such narrow minded persons in their respective areas. It is not a good time for blame game and corona politics. Moreover there is an urgent need to put curb on all the illegal hoarders. Because we have seen that many culprits are engaged in such nefarious activities without any fear. At this time when entire mankind is suffering from this great devastation, these mindless people are doing their malpractices. There is acute shortage of oxygen supply in our urban areas and few wrong people are trying to earn the benefit from this crisis. it is duty and responsibility of every civilized citizens to cooperate with government. Our joint and collaborative efforts can change the condition in our favour. It is not the sole responsibility of government but of every citizen to follow the mandatory protocol of Govt advisories. At this crucial hour of crisis by following these advisories and protocol we can give an example of our patriotism and nationalism. In this world wide disaster every cultural and religious activity with any kind of mass gathering can add fuel to the fire. No religion is above any mankind and country. We are fighting against an invisible killer which is very secular in nature. It cannot differentiate anyone on the basis of caste color and creed. We should leave our narcissistic approach in this direction.
Shyam Sudan