As BMC fails to act, volunteers of Awaaz start sprinkling salt on frozen roads of Bhadarwah



Bhadarwah: With the civic authorities crippled by the recent snowfall as they allegedly failed to remove the snow from the by-lanes in the interior of Bhadarwah town, resulting in frozen roads and very slippery conditions, volunteer groups here have started their own drive by sprinkling salt in old town locality of Bhadarwah on Thursday.
Dozens of volunteers of ‘Awaaz’ and ‘Ababeel’ started salt sprinkling in different wards of the town after reports of several injuries in Qila Mohalla, Pasri, Seri Bazar and Haveli localities due to frozen roads and slippery conditions.
Residents alleged that no one from Bhadarwah Muncipal Committee or administration bothered to remove the snow from the by-lanes of the town thereby making the life difficult for the locals as due to sub zero temperature since last three days, all the lanes and by-lanes especially shaddy area of the town became frozen and slippery thereby it not only bacame difficult but impossible to walk.
Mohd Aslam of Mohalla Qila said that i got stuck in my home at Quila Mohalla since last three days as Municipal authorities didn’t bothered to remove snow or atleast sprinkle some salt on the frozen roads resulting in dangerously slippery conditions. Today the initiative of Awaaz volunteers came as blessing in disguise and we are extremely thankful to them for doing the needful and thereby saving several precious lives.
“This is the duty of Muncipal Committee Bhadarwah, but when they failed to redress this basic issue and their lackluster attitude, resulted in injuries to several residents after having bad fall on the frozen roads, we decided to come forward and in our limited resources sprinkled salt on the narrow and frozen lanes of ward number 11,12, 6 beside Seri Bazar and Ikhwan chowk,” said Chowdhary Iqbal, Patron of Awaaz Trust Bhadarwah.
Prominent volunteers who participated in the drive include, Rashid Chowdhary, Neeraj Singh Manhas, Sair Hussain and Raja R Jamal.


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