Arrogance of BJP Govt costs lives of farmers: Bhalla



JAMMU: Jammu and Kashmir Youth Congress paid tributes to the farmers who lost their lives while on protest against the three farm laws enacted by the BJP led government at the Centre and also extended their support to the farmers agitating, demanding repeal of anti-farm laws.
In a programme organised by Latish Sharma JKPYC Secretary, Senior Congress leader and former Minister, Raman Bhalla, IYC National Secretary Jagdeev Gaga and JKPYC President, Udhay Chib paid tributes to the farmers by lighting a lamp.
A candlelight vigil was held by the leaders of JKPYC to pay tributes to the farmers who lost their lives while protesting the anti far laws enacted by the BJP led Central government.
While paying tributes to the nearby 57 farmers who died while protesting farm laws, Raman Bhalla said that the arrogance of the BJP led regime has cost the precious lives of innocent farmers.
“Congress Party is firmly with these farmers and sympathies with the bereaved families of these farmers,” Bhalla said.
“The farmers have been protesting for nearly 40 days against three farm laws announced by the Union Government in the monsoon session of the parliament-2020,” Bhalla said and added that the government is yet to take any decision in favour of farmers.
Apart from the ongoing agitation for more than 35 days, Jagdeev Gaga said that the farmers across India have been demanding repeal of anti-farm laws for more than 125 days.
“Whether it is global pandemic or harsh rains in cold winter days, the farmers have not stepped back and have been firm to their cause,” he said adding “three new farm laws include the Promotion and Facilitation Act, Empowerment and Protection Act and Essential Commodities Act.”
Despite facing lot of problems; nearly 57 farmers have died amidst chilly winter so far and up to five farmers have committed suicide so far since Nov 28 who also had demanded immediate repeal of three farm laws, Jagdeev said.
Uday Chib, while paying tributes to the farmers and extended his sympathies to the bereaved families, said that the BJP has enacted these farmers laws only to enslave the workers class to big corporate houses and private players.
“BJP led government at the Center must shun the arrogant behaviour and revoke all three anti-farm laws with immediate effect,” Chib said while lambasting BJP for anti-people and anti-democratic policies.
“Supreme Court has decided to hear pleas regarding the reform of the three agricultural laws on January 11. A bench of three-Judges headed by the Chief Justice of India, Sharad Arvind Bobde will hear the pleas of the farmers,” he added and said that all the farmers have pinned their hopes to SC and they expect the elite court to repeal farm laws.
Among others who were present included Jatinder Chib Block President Congress Gandhi Nagar, Ajaz Choudhary Vice President JKPYC, Ricky Dalotra, Sahil Singh Langeh, Nimrandeep Singh JKPYC General Secretaries, Jahzaib Sirwal JKPYC Spokesperson, Latish Sharma, Diveyansh Jamwal, Barinder Jamwal, Jagjoot Singh JKPYC Secretaries, Rahul Tandon DYC President (working), Sahil DYC Vice President and Goutam AYC VP.


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