Army provides vocational training to youth



POONCH: Unemployment of youth has been a challenge in most parts of Jammu and Kashmir. To assist youth in settling down and to provide better employment opportunities, skill development is an important aspect. Therefore, a need was felt to initiate a process wherein the potential of unemployed and unaware youth are channelised to make them avail self employment opportunities in Jammu and Kashmir.
Accordingly a “Basic Plumber course for nine unemployed Youth” was perceived and being conducted at VTC, Harni (Poonch district) from 12 Jan 2021 to 19 Mar 2021 under Sadbhavana. All successful participants will be awarded with a certificate from National Skill Development Council (NSDC). The course constitutes an interactive platform with the students for under starting basic components of Plumbering aspects.
Youths attending this training, which will enable them to become self employed citizens. The eminent citizens of the nearby villages humbly thanked the Army for organising such training for youth of the region.


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