Army organises ex-servicemen Mela



Mendhar: Reaching out to the Ex Servicemen and Veer Naaris, during the difficult COVID-19 times Bhimber Gali Brigade conducted an ESM Mela for the veteran solders living in remote carvers in Mendhar subdivision. The mela provided a platform for the ESM to resolve their problems and grievances suffered, especially due to prolonged lock down and COVID protocols for the past nine months. Kiosks were setup for Pension matters, ECHS, CSD facilities and medical facilities. Arrangements were made to transfer then to hospitals for specialist advise. Representatives from Zila Sainik Welfare Office, Poonch, ECHS, Rajouri & SBI were present to provide first hand resolution of problems on the spot. In addn, civ adm was represented by Lt Col (Retd) Nasib Singh to address ESM problems. The ESM Mela received enthusiastic response from the ESM. They expressed gratitude to the BG Bridge Commander, Brig Vikas Slathia, to have taken this initiative to reachout to then during these difficult times. ESM were assured by the officials that such interactive will be enhanced and facilities created for providing better facilities to ESM in terms of CSD facilities and setting up of VSK at BG to address the ESM problems.


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