Anti-people policies of BJP forcing people to protest: Tara Chand



JAMMU: Former Deputy Chief Minister and Senior Congress leader, Tara Chand on Monday said that atmosphere in the country at present is such that people are not able to live peacefully.
No one is supposed to question the government about its policies and if do question, they are labelled as anti-nationals, he said adding that people are in trouble because of BJP Govt’s wrong policies.
He was addressing the Congress workers meeting at Village Matto and Khour in Chhamb Constituency which was attended by hundreds of people and Congress workers.
He said, the promises made prior to the elections have not been delivered even till today.
The BJP has shamelessly exposed itself in its utter failure to govern the country on each front, he added.
Tara Chand asked the BJP to explain as to why it has failed in keeping up the promises made to the people and failing the people on all fronts.
Not only in jobs to the educated unemployed youth, he said, the BJP has brought the engine of development to a grinding halt thus pushing J&K and its people to wall.
The people of J&K have seen through the divisive game plan of these divisive forces and they will never oblige the hate mongers this time, Tara Chand said adding that BJP stands exposed for its anti-poor and anti-youth policies and these are the segments which are going to punish the party whenever elections are held for ditching people’s interests.
He claimed that all sections of society were suffering under BJP rule as promises made to them have turned out to be hollow.
Launching attack on BJP Govt, the Congress leader said that this government has left no stone unturned to destroy democratic institutions. He stressed that the J&K needed fair and strong constitutional institutions.
Tara Chand lambasted the Centre for “decimating” small and medium businesses resulting in millions of job and livelihood losses across various sectors of economy.
Underscoring the fact that Manmohan Singh, when he was the Prime Minister, never let the prices of oil rise even when the crude oil became costly in the international market, he pointed out that despite the low crude prices internationally the Modi government has not even passed on the benefit of the low price to the public.
He said BJP has “lost” the trust of people of J&K forever. Tara Chand claimed that it is the Congress which introduced pro-people policies and Land Reform Acts and reservation for the weaker sections of the society.
The BJP leaders have no concern for the poor. Instead, it protects the interests of corporates. They will never protect the interests of the poor. They will speak about the poor only to gain votes.
He said that statehood and rights to job and land are the identity and protection of the Dogra culture and the people of Jammu and Kashmir shall fight till last to secure their rights and status.
He asked the people to rise against the oppressive policies of the BJP government which has rendered crore of youth as jobless and record unemployment in the country.
Others who attended the meeting include Suram Singh (Vice President DCC Rural Jammu) Madan Lal Sharma, Block President Pargwal, Khour, Samwa and Khara Balli, Jagdish Raj Sharma, Bodh Raj Sharma, Bharat Priye, Daljeet Singh, Captain Kali Dass, Vijay Chib, Sarpanches, Panchs, and members of Municipal Committee, Block Office bearers and other delegates.