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Ananda in six steps

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Evolution is about moving from what we have known so far, to knowing more. And if you are experiencing beautiful flavours and ananda, bliss, at higher levels of shakti, energy, prana, or kundalini – evolution is happening. Life is an expression of consciousness. When we understand the science behind consciousness, and know how to deal with it, and use it to celebrate and live life at a higher level, basically, the art of living, then life’s challenges are not a big deal at all.
The process of evolution and blossoming happens in six steps. First, recognise how Brahmn, universal consciousness, functions. Secondly, recognise the functionality of your own consciousness. The process of life is the interaction between its outer and inner worlds. The outer world is made up of vyakti, vastu and paristhiti – people, things and situations, and the inner world is made up of mann, buddhi, chitta, and ahamkara – mind, intellect, memory, and ego. One world affects the other. People, situations and things often influence how you feel within. Similarly, your inner world too influences the outer world. Flavours that come up in your mind, for example, enthusiasm, can influence your behaviour. If somebody is cribbing or is upset, they can create the same kind of atmosphere in the collective consciousness, too.
Thirdly, recognise the six tendencies that are harmful for consciousness evolution – kama, lust; krodha, anger; lobha, greed; moha, attachments and infatuations; madha, different flavours of ego, and matsarya, jealousy. The fourth step is to free yourself from these shadaripu, six enemies, and neutralise all your negativity, so that your mind is completely free from the garbage and baggage of the past.
Fifth and most importantly, allow the beautiful flavours of consciousness to permeate your life that will become a celebration. Bhakti is one such flavour that beautifies your life; vairagya, detachment, strengthens your consciousness. There are 16 such facets including valour, love, fun, frolic, and laughter, all of which can be intensified through scientific training called adhyatama, spirituality. Their intensity will determine your experience of this lifetime and change your thinking from neutral to positive. The sixth step is to design the life you want and ensure optimum utilisation of your human birth. We all have five fantastic siddhis, powers of human consciousness. First is the ability to invoke any emotion, bhava, flavour of consciousness at will. Right now if you invoke enthusiasm in yourself, you can start feeling enthusiastic this very moment. Second is the ability to let go of any flavour at will, with the outgoing breath.
By Rishi Nityaoragya

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