Amarinder blocking Centre’s money for Punjab farmers: Chugh



Chandigarh: BJP national general secretary Tarun chugh today condemned Punjab chief Minister Amarinder Singh for sticking to anti-farmer policies and thus depriving Punjab farmers benifits given by the Centre.
In a statement today, Chugh said the Amarinder Singh government has deliberately blocked and scuttled the Centre’s scheme of direct payment to farmers..He said the scheme was launched in 2018 after by the Centre after consulting all states. While almost all states have implemented it, ” Punjab has taken no initiative in it and has kept Punjab farmers deprived”, he said.
Chugh said even Union Minister Piyush Goyal’s suggestion to the chief Minister to implement the scheme has not borne any fruits.
” This has exposed the chief minister’s dual and deceptive politics ,” he said.
Chugh said prime Minister Narendra modi had been.making all efforts to double farmers income but the Congress chief minister’s had been working against it to harm the farmers.