Allow movement of lawyers during lockdown


Dear Editor,
Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I would like to bring into the notice of Lieutenant Governor of Union territory of Jammu & Kashmir, some issues being faced by lawyers of J&K.
As everyone of aware that the courts across the Union territory are working virtually/physically as the case may be, the learned advocates have to attend hearings or to go to their respective offices for the same. It is pertinent to mention that advocates are being stopped from discharging their duties, by the deployed police personnel, in wake of curfew imposed by administration of UT of Jammu & Kashmir.
As such, I would like to request LG to kindly issue directions to the Administrative as well as Police authorities, not to stop movement of advocates in Union Territory during curfew period, so that they can perform their duties hassle-free.
Adv Sarvesh Kotwal,
Vice-President, YLA