AIPPJK rues worsened condition of village Seora



JAMMU: A meeting of All India Panchayat Parishad Jammu & Kashmir (AIPPJK) was held at Seora under leadership of its President Dr Kuldeep Sharma, during which worsened condition of lanes and drains in the village were discussed. Dr Kuldeep Sharma was accompanied by General Secretary (Adm) Pt R C Sharma, Ashwani Sharma District President Jammu Rural and Bikram Singh Joint Secretary.
While addressing the meeting, Dr Sharma assured participants that he would take up the matter with concerned authorities for development of village and asked all villagers to remain unite. He suggested them to remain conscious about their rights and duties, as all bureaucrats are public servant and duty bound to serve people. Public is the king in India and Government officials are not more than public servants, he added.
“AIPP is the only organisation which has the credit of getting 73rd and 74th amendment implemented in letter and spirit. Parishad compelled the Government of India to make amendment in constitution for these two amendments. With insertion of these amendments in Indian constitution, the dream of Mahatma Gandhi regarding strong villages has been accomplished,” he added. Pt R C Sharma suggested villagers to extend complete support to their elected Panchs and Sarpanchs so that they can struggle for development of the village. The meeting was attended by a number of prominent villagers, Capt Vipin Kaushal social activist, Naib-sarpnach, Panchs and other social workers.


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