Abrogation of Art 370: Curse or blessing for Jammu?


The overwhelming support to revocation of Article 370 in Jammu region of the erstwhile J&K State is fast dwindling because of the recent measures like opening of jobs to non-state subjects and laws pertaining to lands. Jammuties are apprehensive about future of educated unemployed, who they feel, will get further marginalised. They are worried over their lands too, as they feel that temptation of earning more will deprive them of their precious holdings and as a consequence, the identity as well.

Atul Sharma, President JK Brahman Sabha: The Article 370 was an undemocratic and authoritarian piece of legislation and its abrogation came as a breath of fresh air for the people of erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir State.
This historic step has opened up more opportunities for trading and jobs in Jammu and Kashmir with the rest of country and a drastic reduction in terrorism was witnessed in the past one year.
The tourism sector, which is believed to be the most important revenue generator of the Union Territory, will also get fillip in the days to come. It will enable the people to access and enjoy the same rights, same privileges and same facilities at par with their fellow citizens in rest of the country.
Today, the people of UT look forward towards a prosperous and peaceful future as the dawn of hope brought about by the abrogation of Article 370 translates into a bright sunny day.

Rishita Sharma, Student London School of Economics: Article 370, which enshrined the relationship between erstwhile Jammu & Kashmir State and Union of India for the past about 70 years is gone. The statehood of Jammu and Kashmir and its constitution have gone too. It could have been a blessing, if everything was done in a decorum. However, one year on, there is no fear of losing anything because there is nothing left to lose with the Jammunities. The economy, education, social and political structures have crumbled. Crime has considerably increased. Anything contrary to the view of government is declared as fake news or anti-national. Thus, the voice of the Jammuites is being crushed in and outside Parliament.

Meenu Kamal, Makeup Artist: After the abrogation of Article 370, a new ray of hope was there that it will begin a new era of development but nothing like that happened.
The ground situation is still the same with zero development, zero job opportunities and zero avenues for youth. We are still facing the discrimination in the hands of corrupt politicians. Almost all employees of various departments are on roads and are protesting for their demands and pending salaries. Jammu always faced discrimination in the hands of Kashmir-centric leadership.


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