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AAP will make Punjab a liquor baron: Chugh


JAMMU: BJP National General Secretary Tarun Chugh said here today that AAP, by announcing its chief minister face, has openly declared that it was going to make Punjab a liquor state.
In a statement, Chugh said AAP had already made Delhi a liquor state by opening liquor shops in every nook and corner and now by announcing Bhagwant Mann as its chief minister candidate the party has made clear that it would continue the mafia culture in Punjab.
Chugh recalled how Bhagwant Mann was castigated in the Lok Sabha for his inebriated behaviour and how some of the Lok Sabha members had complained against him.
“But AAP does not care for it all and by engineering so-called people’s vote through social media has paved the way for a tarnished leader to become the chief minister face”, Chugh said adding that it has sent serious signals to Punjab as to how AAP would be governing if at all it comes to power.
Chugh said it is time that the people of Punjab can see through the designs of AAP which has been covertly supporting subversive activities in the state.
He said people in Punjab should also wake up to the Congress leaders who have a “dear friend” in Imran Khan because of the kinds of tiffin bombs and explosive material that has been smuggled into Punjab by ISI-sponsored drones is a matter of serious concern for every Punjabi.
Chugh said it is a trying time for Punjab to reject all anti-national and anti-social political forces and give Prime Minister Narendra Modi a chance in Punjab.

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