2021- An year of hope


As after every dark scary night, there is a sunny morning welcoming people with new hopes and aspirations, similarly after passing through a gloomy and depressing phase due to outbreak of contentious COVID-19 outbreak in year 2020, remaining literary locked inside homes with many losing their loved ones, people are hoping for a new era of delight and happiness in year 2021. Like start of every new year, the year 2020 was also welcomed warmly by people with must enthusiasm and zeal, pinning high hopes but the start of year brought along COVID-19 outbreak, bringing entire globe to a halt. The outbreak of deadly virus forced all nations to impose lockdowns for saving their people, with India as no exception. This safety measure no doubt recued people to a great extent and a number or precious lives were saved, but the economy suffered a major set-back. The daily labourers and business class faced the real brunt of COVID fury with many every struggling for their livelihood. Looking at the sufferings of massed, Government ensured every possible arrangement so that basic amenities and other essentials are delivered at the door-steps of people in the time of crisis. Not only food grains but medicines and other items required in day to day was provided to people, locked inside four walls of the houses as preventive measures. Along with the Government, numerous NGOs and individuals emerged at the hour of need and came forward to help suffering humanity, thereby exhibiting a true example of humanity and social-service.
Students were also affected a lot in year 2020, as for the first time in the history, the routine class-room work was not available for any pupil as all educational institutions were closed down as a part of preventive measure to control the infection. The entire education system switched over to the online-mode, making internet, online classes, webinar etc essentials for a students. The students and teaching fraternity have to adopt new normals with which were earlier not so common for them. But here also poor suffered a lot, as all those students whose parents are well-off switched-over easily to this new mode of education system but those who are unable to afford the hi-tech equipments and other requirements, remained at the suffering end.
Looking at ill-effects of continuous lockdowns, the Governments were forced to lift same in a phased manner, advising people to follow safety precautions and other SoPs issued by the administration from time to time, including wearing of face-masks, maintaining social distancing, proper hygiene and frequent hand-washing etc. Needless to mention here that many corona warriors including Doctors, Sanitary workers, Police and other security forces personnel, PHE & PDD employees besides many others extended their full support for combating the virus, for which the exact vaccine has not been invented till date. With the untiring efforts of COVID warriors, no doubt damage was lowered to a considerable extent but what has been lost can’t be recovered. Every possible measure has been taken by all medical agencies and those related with the medical sector for finding a vaccine of virus across the globe and many even claimed achieving success, but till date no vaccination programme has started. Further adding to woes of people, reports are coming regarding spread of mutated virus infection in some countries, known as ‘COVID strain’, creating new challenges for administration and medical fraternity, which is already reeling under huge pressure due to COVID-19.
In such a scenario, following safety measures and observing all SoPs religiously is the only way to remain safe besides keeping the infection at bay. Moreover, as per reports, very soon the vaccinations for COVID will start, thereby providing a bit relief to suffering
As such, one can hope that year 2021 will bring some good news for people, like vaccination for COVID-19, enabling people to start living lives in much freely and casual way, as it was in pre-COVID times. Everyone is missing friends’ hangout, lavish marriage ceremonies, religious gatherings, social outings etc. We hope that year 2021 will provide us all that we missed and heal the wounds of 2020, the year which I guess brought a lot of despair and suffering for humanity.


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