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186th Birth Anniversary of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa celebrated

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JAMMU: The 186th Birth Anniversary of Sri Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Deva was celebrated with great fervour by the Ramakrishna Mission of Jammu at Udheywala, here on Monday.
The full-day celebration was started at early morning with Mangalarati and Vedic chanting. A special Puja was performed.
The devotees were enlightened with the life of Sri Ramakrishna by Secretary Maharaj Swami Nirantarananda Maharaj. The day-long celebration was end after evening Aarti and Bhajan. Bhog Prasad was also distributed to the devotees in the afternoon.
Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa, a prominent figure in 19th century Bengali renaissance, was born in a remote village Kamarpukur in Hooghly district of undivided Bengal in 1836 and he was brought to Kolkata for earning livelihood.
Despite being a petty temple priest in Dakshineswar, out of intense metaphysical quest he adventured into the realm of Spirit and attained cosmic consciousness with indomitable spiritual aspiration with his sublimated mind free from all worldly attachments and full of longing for God. With intense curiosity he wanted to know the truth of other major religions as well not as bookish knowledge but as a matter of direct experience as spirituality does not concern intellectual knowing but becoming and identifying with being beyond body-mind externals.
Sri Ramakrishna advised everybody to follow his own traditional path as the best way to reach the final destination provided he is honest, sincere and have true longing for God. Instead of conventional concept of religious intolerance he advocated acceptance and appreciation of every religion as one of the diverse ways to realization in God’s plenty and infinite variety. One must appreciate religious diversity leaving aside narrow fanaticism or dogmatism.
The great master passed away on 16th August 1886 but his universal message has been carried forward by his ascetic disciples who formed grand monastery in his name under the leadership of Swami Vivekananda as well as by his worthy householder disciples.
With an aim to spread the teaching process of Swami Vivekanada a Vivekananda Study Circle was established to help poor and needy students.
During CoVID-19 pandemic online classes were also organized. The dispensary in ashram premises provides basic medical care and medicines to locals. Local families were alsogiven financial assistance and dry rations during long pandemic period.

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